This will be where I compile a list of some creatures of my world.  (In progress)

Taba: I would rather be out on sea, everything in the jungle wants to eat you.  There are beasts that want a taste, there are clans that fancy man flesh, heck even the damned plants snap at you when you ain’t lookin.

Kika: but chief, there are all kinds of sea creatures that devour sailors too.

Taba: Well at least I’ll have my ship in between me an the ugly sea beasts.  Sea if they catch me hehehe…


Not much is known about the Katan except the stories traded by sailors.





It’s a disheartening thing to watch a flaming juggernaut burn whole villages in minutes.  The Tuskhan herd demolish the jungles near the west side of the mountains;  Everything is dark there, burnt, and lifeless.


Outlanders always mistake the Dire Cave Lion with a bear, but the Nuno know what they are.  It’s the reason that the Nuno carry torches despite being able to see well in the dark.  It’s what makes them squeak in terror even in their own deep dark tunnels.

Bako Eel

Eel Bay has large iridescent pearls that are said to have healing properties.  Unfortunately it also has a lot of eels, big ones.


It is unknown what the Asturi want or even what they are.  What is known is that they are far away travelers bringing the strange, new, and bizarre.

The Asturi Vicars perform a kyrie to their hanged god before battle.  They say it protects them and their allies.

The Asturi had enslaved the resilient Tikbalang race long ago and have broken their spirits by destroying their stories, traditions, and culture.  Overtime the Tikbalang know nothing of themselves except never ending labor and the pain of an Asturi whip

Kabarao and Askal – These are common domestic creatures that live with and around the Tao.48E7A17B-6D78-4167-9AD2-B4E79D3838DE

Kulasa rests under the shade of a large tree, but keeps an ear out for predators in the jungle.  The Askal’s superior senses are the Painted Clan’s secret to being able to live and navigate through the inhospitable boondocks.

Sometimes heroes can’t be with their friends

Vorrack-The Vorrack is an ambush predator that resides in the eastern parts of the mountains. Its diet consists mainly of the hearts of warm blooded humanoids. The Vorrack mimics a human facade and can be quite effective when coupled with its poison; its poison induces hysteria, hallucinations, and paralysis. Milder cases have seen poison victims in a constant state of fear and worry.6B55EE9B-6987-4D7D-9C94-CA102FFE76EE

The Giants or Higans are humongous and very ancient creatures.  There are only two left in the world, one is named Lolo and the other is Lola.

Lola: How do you know what I will pick crafty little human?

Moonimisha: You always pick rock every single time.

Lola: Oh.

Lolo felt a wet squishy thing spread around the bottom of his foot and he stood up straight, shocked.  His eyes widened as he exhaled “putang-ina-shit,” solemnly under his breath.  He was afraid to look down, but just then he heard a small voice near his foot.  The voice yelled, “hey my cheeses!” At that moment Lolo felt a relief spread over his rocky skin and he raised his foot to find a smashed wagon and piles of smushed cheeses.  Lolo thought for a quick moment that he might have ended a villager with his giant foot.

The Giants Lolo and Lola make little work of building fortifications against a coming storm for the Malo villagers.

The Maquiao is a large four legged bird-like beast that cannot fly.  Many clans on the coast utilize the swift Maquiao as a speedy mount to get from place to place.  The Maquiao make poor beasts of burden since they are not very strong, but they are extremely agile creatures.  The Maquiao can traverse mountains, jungles, and other rough terrain with relative ease.  The Maquiao are omnivores and most of their diet consists of fish, other small creatures such as frogs, lizards, and rats; they eat a variety of other jungle plants as well.

Wild Maquiao travel in a group of about a dozen, sometimes two.  They move from  the coast to the deeper jungles and can even be found on the peaks of tall mountains and volcanoes.  Male Maquiao are hard to tame and are very aggressive.  They use their razor sharp beaks and three inch dagger-like talons to maim their enemies.

This is a ballpoint pen drawing in my sketchbook.

Maqiao Rider

Moonimisha and Reemu in my sketchbook.


I essentially wanted to make the chicken cool.  If you have ever been in a county fair the variety of chickens and roosters are pretty striking.  I will probably use the different coloration and breeds to my advantage when I paint the Macquiao.



A study of an eagle…  I am still not sure on the bird I want to be inspired by.


The Maquiao Strider is a light cavalry unit of the three towns that defend supply routes.


My stuff are still in its early stages and are in rough development, but I am lovingly creating/researching to give them real breath of life.