Paint Party Repository

Paint Party Repository ?
All images here are tried and tested and we can even try and develop an image specific to your event!  (Scroll down please)




San Diego Sunrise – this is a favorite because of the pretty warm colors that reminds one of summer.

Sun Flower – this is an easy image to paint that yields charming results.

Summer Day – this is an impressionistic summer painting that can be accomplished by children and adults.

Turtles – This image doesn’t actually belong to me, it was just requested to be painted for a birthday party and I obliged.  I can break down any piece of art to teach to my clients.  Rights to the image do not belong to me.

Sunshine In A Glass- This is a very easy and pretty painting for a social gathering where you want to be more social and have the painting on the side.  Good for a large gathering or a ladies night.  I have painted this with a group of ladies who requested me to teach them how to break this image down from Pinterest and so the rights to this particular image do not belong to me.

Wildflowers- This is a slightly more difficult impressionist painting (compared to the above images) as it takes a lot of step by step instruction, but achievable to those with focus and interest.

Roses – This is an easy impressionistic painting that can be developed by both children and adults with charming results.

Daisy – a pretty flower painting that is a relaxing image to create and to have hang in your home.

Two Palm Trees – a simple painting that has a hometown charm and very easy to reproduce.

Moon in the Woods – a somber moon painting.

A soothing summer night at the beach.  An easy painting ??

Horse – This image isn’t actually mine, but I tweaked it for a nice group of horse loving ladies who requested to have it taught to them.  Rights to the image do not belong to me.

A perfect Halloween painting good for all ages.

Minimal Desert – An easy minimalist desert landscape good for all ages and very hangable.

Desert – People forget that San Diego is also a desert.  This is a painting that looks difficult, but yields surprising results to anyone who tries.

This is a relaxing painting that is at a moderate difficulty for painting and helps warm up any space it hangs in.

Fish – This fish painting looks easy and fun and well it actually is!  However, the secret fun of this painting is that at around %80 percent of the painting we can switch paintings to have our paint partner color in some of the scales so there is more of a sentimental touch and a friend’s mark in our art.  Good for children painting with adults.

Blue Mountains – This painting is easy and chill.  We just paint layers of blue paint to create mountains.  This is a perfect image for a no pressure girl’s night with drinks, light music, and conversations.

Sun Flowers – This image is similar to the one above with  slight variation.  I painted this image upon request for a large birthday party in Poway therefore I don’t own the actual image and I only taught others how to paint it.

Colorful Horizon – This is a medium/hard painting that is somewhat an abstract landscape.  This is a bit of challenge and I recommend that this one be painted only for adults.

Stylized Sunrise – an easy painting for all ages.

An easy and therapeutic fall leaf painting.

Fall x2 – Amedium to hard painting not good for young children because of the many details.

Beach Sunset – A fun and therapeutic beach painting.  This is an easy painting that is good for all ages.

A minimalist summer painting good for a chill social environment since this is easy to moderate.

Balboa Park – this impressionistic painting is a lot harder than it looks and it’s a painting that I enjoy painting with others at Balboa Park.  To clarify it’s for those who want to challenge themselves.  This will certainly go way over time as it’s very difficult.

Winter Trees – A festive painting for winter months.

Cherry Blossom Tree – An easy and fun painting for spring!

Blue Butterfly – This is a painting that was requested by CDA for their team building event because their logo for their company is a blue butterfly.  I deconstructed the image and taught the group how to paint it and the results were lovely.  I do not own rights to the original image.

Cactus Cluster- A handsome painting of a cluster of cactus.  This is a moderate and fun painting to do for a social event.

All images belong to the artist and all rights are reserved unless otherwise noted.  If artwork is not originally mine I only used it to teach my clients and I usually change it (30%).  All paintings take 2 hours to paint ☀️

More pictures of happy painters below and ?☀️


I have been painting with folks all over San Diego and beyond ?? (Video by Greg Hoxsie)