June 11, 2019

Art Classes- Library

I am offering free Art classes at the Mira Mesa Library every 1st Wednesday of the month starting June 2019! I am a local community artist from Mira Mesa who started the volunteer Electrical box painting projects and have been pursuing art for over a decade now.

In this class, you will learn the fundamentals of art and create your own masterpieces. Space is limited and online registration is required. Materials will be provided by the library ?.

Link to registration.

Note: I am currently waiting on the Library’s approval to teach students younger than 18 years old and this should happen once the background verification results come in (we are unsure of the timeline as of now but anyone aged 18 or older is welcome). Please leave the name of the student, email, and age on the contact page or subscribe to this website if you would like to receive a reminder once the registration links are open for the next class at the library. ( For anyone that is trying to register their children, I suggest doing it as soon as we send the reminder link as the spots available are limited and fill up super fast. Anyone who signs up and does NOT attend the class without prior notice will not be allowed to re-register.)

^^Update^^: I passed the background checks and I’ll have an ALL AGES painting class now.  I will start off by teaching how to paint with acrylics.  Hope to see you there!


I am also offering weekly summer art classes and workshops and my classes are of high quality and are also the most affordable in town (pictures below). If you wish to receive more information regarding these classes please call me at (858) 243 5461.