Political Doodle Dump

It’s 2018 and I was thinking about Asian stories or Asian inspired stories in America and what I see more often is appropriation and subversive toxic themes.  These themes find themselves in reality and creates a slow process of de-humanizing of a groups of peoples.  It’s very problematic which inspired this doodle.

The times we are living in…

We are not doing so hot.


This woman is so evil, if it’s not voter fraud another scandal will  pop up like the many heads of a hydra.


DNC Riggingimg_7133


Honest Hillary.



His hands might be small, but his heart is fat and full of bacon grease..  Donald with his faithful ghost army.img_7212_edited

She thought files marked (C) meant it was in alphabetical order.  C is for corruption.  Wikileaks.



Healthy Hillary.img_7477

Entitled Stupid vs. Working Corruption


Lesser of two evils is still evil.