The Duende are short people of the jungle that are favored by the nature Diwatas of the land.


Duende’s weapon of choice is an extremely sharp, short, curved blade called ginunting.

Some say that the Duende are so balanced with nature that they never grow old or die, but others have their doubts because the Duende eat so much.


The Duende have swift hands and are adept at martial arts.  They are accredited to be the first to teach the Tao how to fend for themselves in the wild using their martial arts; A gift that many temples in the larger Tao cities have not forgotten as can be seen by the offerings of food in front of Duende statues.


Most Duende keep to their own, but there are clans who have a close relationship with humans; the Dorro Clan for example is a nomadic Tao and Duende clan who are notorious for their hunting and tracking skills.


The crafty Asok Clan of the Inga Mountains and the wild Painted Clan of the Twilight Jungle at first became allies through necessity, but after countless battles they have forged a strong friendship between their peoples.


The highland Asok Clan has one of the best smiths in all the land and create highly prized Ukku blades for Lakan and other clan masters.  Also what sets them apart from their jungle cousins or their seafaring ones are their strong physiques.



The Duende are safe and at home in the jungle.  They remain hidden to outsiders and if one sees a Duende in the jungle, it’s because the Duende wants to be seen.


Most common Duende clans who are stealthy and agile.


The Duende are 4ft-5ft tall when matured on average and are innately curious creatures.  Because of their curiosity some have left their homes in the jungles and can be found in Tao settlements or working in Tao ships.  With their expertise of the jungle and their superior senses they are highly valued allies.


The Duende’s greatest enemies are the Nuno and they have had a long standing feud in which there’s no end in sight.


The Duende are not very intimidating at first glance, they actually are not intimidating however long one looks at them and that adds to their deadliness.  The Duende in reality are devious, ageless, and ancient.  The jungle and it’s infinite mysterious spirits support the Duende and they have been moving through the jungle like fish swim in water long before the Diwata even created the first of our race.  I once witnessed a whole caravan of big leathery faced cave warriors felled before anyone could blow a horn for alarm.  There were many such attacks and we only determined it was the Duende after seeing their small projectiles and tiny blades discarded on the ground.  It’s good to remember if one sees a Duende in the jungle it’s because the Duende wants to be seen, maybe then one can at least draw their sword.

-Chancellor Cailles of Warida