The Nuno are a communal humanoid race with rat-like features.  They are quick to adapt and their numerous clans live most everywhere in the continent.


Cowardly, greedy, conniving, and cunning at times.  Nuno are spread across the lands and are hated by many of the other races.  The Nuno hate many other races as well, the Duende most of all, and the Nuno subscribe to a superior attitude.



The Nuno societies are lead by a Ketu (warlord) who hold leadership of Nuno groupings called bands and can range to a dozen in number to hundreds depending on the aggressiveness of their leader.


Nunos can be quite dangerous in groups and are often opportunistically preying on travelers.


The wily Nuno have an unorthodox way of fighting.  Some Nuno bands will turn and jiggle their cheeks at caravans in hopes to lure the caravans into deeper jungle to ambush and overwhelm them.  However; the tactic doesn’t always work.


The Nuno War Bands love to collect stupid man-ape weapons after an ambush.


The Nuno are short ranging from 3ft-5ft in height and their Ketu are a little more than 5ft tall (possibly from obtaining more to eat).  The Nuno should not be underestimated by their size as they can be extremely fast and fierce when they are motivated.  Their fur colors range from reddish brown, brown, grey, and black.


There are many different Nuno clans and most of them lead a chaotic life, raiding not only Duende villages, but also each other, while individual Nuno jump from band to band when a Ketu is defeated.



Down, but not out.  The Nuno’s greatest weapon is their vast numbers, when one falls there are five to take its place.  Nuno breeding pits are underground and one can sometimes even smell their foul coupling from miles above ground.


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The Nuno are highly territorial and can ward off even a mighty Kapre with their numbers.


Not all Nunos live with other Nunos, some have done well living in Tao settlements on the coast like Priya who owns a tavern in Warida.


Or Sirridar who works within the city as a tax collector.


Or Shakya who deals in “found” merchandise.