SD/MM Doodles

Some doodles from MM/SD (These will also be posted on Instagram:Leoangeloart)


Don’t  be a weirdo toilet paper hoarder

sometimes my neighbors inspire me.

I doodled this from some local news in SD


The first time I joined the Nextdoor (app) people were talking about Birds (scooter), coyotes (actual animal), and R.V.s. So here’s a quick doodle.

There’s a lot of holes without pot in MM

Girl Scout cookies are addicting.

This is a comic inspired by last week’s Nextdoor app news.  There were two separate motorcycle accidents in the same night (one rear ended my mom’s car) and also there was a boat in a dark part of Montongo rd that caused an accident.  Drive safe!

I doodled this while it was raining a little outside.

For Lunar New Year.

For ❤️ Day


When it’s raining ?

This was inspired by posting on Reddit where people seemed to be pretty passionate about their Mexican food.

A doodle about the commute.

Package thieves suck big nuggets of poo.

A doodle about making friends in SD.

If some SD malls were people.

The San Diego Guardian.

SD is chill most of the time.

How Sheep got a job.



This was a doodle that I made the last time I visited SD and unfortunately got stuck in the DMV for the whole day.  The service was amazingly horrible to inspire this doodle.


Some hairstyles I have observed in MM.


I moved from MM and I found that I missed a lot of food that you can’t just get anywhere else.