Wind Figure 11 (print)


This is a painterly figure done on paper using acrylic paint. The figure is painted using whispy sure strokes that gives it a light and airy quality. I painted this series as I was in transition. I was moving around a lot and I was going through a lot of complicated feelings which manifested in these ephemeral figures. I think a lot of feeling and emotion is translated by the body and these that I created represented some of what I was going through at the time. Each one is unique in the feeling that they emit, but also it’s unique in how the viewer feels about each one. Feelings feel like color to me in that blue is not just blue or red is not just red, there are different gradients or levels of intensity. Just like sad is not just sad and so on. I was sometimes in fear as much as I was in bliss or anxious and full of just deep sorrow. Feelings are fleeting like a motion. Purple comes to mind when we mix red and blue, but depending on if there’s more red we get violet. Luckily too as we live we get to feel more color and hopefully move our own brush to paint a palette of our liking.

Print will be on matte high quality thick acid free paper. Watermark will also not be present of course.

Signature and number of print included as well.

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