Student Work

This is a section where I showcase some of my wonderful student’s art works.  WiP (work in progress)

Aixa, 7

Lunjia (adult) these are some still-life oil paintings that my student did in the studio.

Hannah, 13

Elena, 7    more pictures

My students at Hickman Elementary made some really neat turtle sculptures that they were excited to pick up.

Orion, 10

Michael, 4

My long time art students created some public art in the community with me.  Lots of people that passed by thanked them for their efforts and I was very proud of them.  (More pictures )


Jega (adult) This link^ is to a post of my student’s progress in painting with oil-paint for the first time.  Anyone can paint if they have the desire.

My Sandburg students made some art to decorate their butterfly garden.  More pictures

Rithvik, 8

Skylar, 7 and Sean, 9

Melissa (adult).  Check out that beautiful sphere!  More pictures

Sahasra, 8

Painterly penguins by Ashweenie, 7

Nice form by Nitya, 9

We do a variety of art projects in my group class.  Check out our owls that have so much character!

Owl you doing?

This Owl is by Theo, 10

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