Student Work

This is a section where I showcase some of my wonderful student’s art works.  WiP (work in progress)


Nitya 13, developing her painting process.  We work on the elements and principles of art to hone her foundational skills and she gets real time critique during private class.

Instructional group class for children.

Aixa, 7

Lunjia (adult) these are some still-life oil paintings that my student did in the studio.

Hannah, 13

Elena, 7    more pictures

My students at Hickman Elementary made some really neat turtle sculptures that they were excited to pick up.

Orion, 10

Michael, 4

My long time art students created some public art in the community with me.  Lots of people that passed by thanked them for their efforts and I was very proud of them.  (More pictures )


Jega (adult) This link^ is to a post of my student’s progress in painting with oil-paint for the first time.  Anyone can paint if they have the desire.

My Sandburg students made some art to decorate their butterfly garden.  More pictures

Rithvik, 8

Skylar, 7 and Sean, 9

Melissa (adult).  Check out that beautiful sphere!  More pictures

Sahasra, 8

Painterly penguins by Ashweenie, 7

Nice form by Nitya, 9

We do a variety of art projects in my group class.  Check out our owls that have so much character!

Owl you doing?

This Owl is by Theo, 10

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