Concept Work

These are examples of some of my concept illustrations.  Please check my other pages on this section to see more of my concepts.

A Sketch of a Geisha

A concept sketch

Winter is Coming…  This is a mock-up of an illustration style that I produced inspired by GoT.


Sequential Drawing

These are some quick character concepts for a story I am developing (Agerioth/Ariwanas).  My story mainly takes place with the Tao (that’s what they call themselves and pronounced Ta-oh) who inhabit the coasts to the west in their capital, Warida.  Nushaba is a midland outpost, rich in craftsmen and the first Bayan (kingdom) to meet other inhabitants on the main island.  Alnasl is a fertile hilly place with terraces and networks of irrigation which became the food basket for the other Bayan and other neighboring Barangay (villages).  The Duende are considered the natives and are short, horned people who live mostly in the deep jungles’ enormous trees.  The Nuno are limber and small.  They look like hairy rat-like humanoid who are fond of thieving.  Kapre are bright and red skinned humanoids with sharp teeth and a powerfully large build who love to hunt for meat.  There are Painted highlanders to the east, a population of Tao who have lived in the inhospitable areas by their will and strength has carved out a home by the mountains.  The Wakwak are the most despicable creatures hiding in the deep dark jungles.  They are Tao except they are tainted by something mysterious and a large host of their clans are aggressive savages and cannibals.  The Nagini are ancient Tao who are far to the north and inhabit a few other islands.  They are an advanced matriarchal society in decline from a previous war and are said to have serpent’s blood.  There are also strange travelers of all sorts since the island offers many resources and an abundance of creatures and monsters thrive in the jungles.  Honor-guards, mercenary, wild clans, warriors, collectors, merchants, villagers, bandits, weapon-smiths, crafters, inventors, farmers, riders, raiders, sailors, pirates, nobility, monks, assassins, priests, cultists, alchemists, musicians, cooks, workers, slaves, slavers, trappers, hunters, and more all find themselves in Agerioth for promises of wealth, glory, and a better life.  (More Tao concepts)




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Fantasy Character Concepts

Adventure Kit – I used Inktober 2018 to create some icons as examples for cards in board games.

Creature Sketches

Future Flame Trooper-In my sketchbook

Shield of Hercules – Illustrated from Bullfinch’s Mythology


Orcish Scout

Orc Grunt (Warcraft-ish)


Bigger Orc

Down below are some concepts for a book I am currently illustrating for and these are definitely not going to be in it.  The book is going to have 90+ illustrations that I am chipping away at.

These are of a character who is a shady salesman type.

This is a concept of an old timey family that won’t be used.  I wanted to show the feel in different ways they could be represented in the book.

I don’t mind doing stock illustrations too.


A drawing of Spider-Man and Venom

This is just a goofy thing I designed into a book cover using SebbendSebben’s (from reddit) cat.

This is a book cover I made of a non-existing novel.

This is a link of more sketches of similar work