Nuno Doodles

My niece gave me good ideas to draw for my character concepts today.  She asked for me to create a scary and different kind of nuno and a merchant nuno who has to hide his identity so he doesn’t scare of his customers.  My niece has the best imagination!

Merchant Sketch

I’ve seen a lot of things out there young adventurer. Things that may help save your life. How about you buy an old tired man a drink and I will tell you about some of these things.

Happy 4th

This popped up on my feed and it was dated 6 years back.  I painted these back for the 4th of July near a park where I lived.  I remember it was really hot and a nice old lady surprised me with a meal.  It’s a different atmosphere in the U.S. now, but the same[…]


These pieces were done for the Viaduct Gallery art show: “Drive” – When I think of the word drive I think of progress and I picture progress in my mind’s eye as not a graph with a line presenting itself flying upwards ever so slightly.  No, I think of explosive chaos and violent spiraling fire.[…]