Anniversary painting at Balboa Park

It was very fun painting with these two nice folks for their anniversary in the garden at Balboa Park during thanksgiving morning. 🙂🎨🌷 click the link for more images

Balboa Park Painting

I had fun painting with nice folks from Illinois at one of my favorite places in San Diego. ☀️🙂🎨 click link for more images

Painting Workshop at the Outdoor Studio

I just finished painting with these energetic young podmates at the outdoors studio. 🎨🙂✨☀️🙌 click this link for more images.

Social Distance Painting – Flower

I had fun painting with these lively ladies yesterday 🌻🎨✨   click link to see more images

Halloween Painting 2020

I had a good group for a small Halloween painting workshop here at the outside studio🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃 and we learned a little about tenebrism ✨🎨   This link leads to more images