CDA Butterfly Painting

I got the pleasure to paint with the nice folks of CDA (Child Development Associates Inc.) for their corporate team building event and they were so much fun!  I enjoyed their laughter and spirit as they painted their blue butterflies.  In the end all of our paintings looked very good together and we made a Read more about CDA Butterfly Painting[…]

Old Poway Park Painting

This group was super fun and enthusiastic!  It was a very hot day so it was kind of the Hamburger Factory in Poway to let our awesome group of painters create some artwork in their cool restaurant.  I love how the paintings turned out, they had so much life and character to them.  (This is Read more about Old Poway Park Painting[…]

Birthday Paint Party at the Park

I had a pleasant time instructing Elena’s group of ladies for her birthday at the park.  They all did well in creating their sunrise paintings and I love seeing the different ways the same painting is interpreted by different painters. ☀️  

Painting at the Park – Summer

I had a nice time painting with this group at the park.  It was really hot, but the canopies helped a lot.  I enjoy how we can all paint the same thing and they all come out distinctly different.  There’s a lot of feeling in some pieces and others might have more technical mastery.  Anyway Read more about Painting at the Park – Summer[…]

Paint Night – Summer

  I painted with Liz and company and they were a very lovely group.  They had a ladies painting night while the children had a play date and entertained themselves.  We painted a sunset since summer is coming to an end or is it a sunrise?  It’s hard to tell since it’s a picture, but Read more about Paint Night – Summer[…]

Rose Painting

I just realized I haven’t been posting my own art much on these blogs so here’s one.  This is a good one to show my painting process.  Roses are very beautiful, but they are a lot harder to paint then one would think.  This was a good value study that I was able to do Read more about Rose Painting[…]

Children’s Art at the Park

  Last Wednesday I had a blast at our community painting event at the park for children hosted by Rachael Chambless of KIS Property Management (snacks provided by Beech-Nut).  It was a great turnout and it was so nice to meet more people from my community.  I enjoyed very much how my young painters did Read more about Children’s Art at the Park[…]

Painting at New Haven

I enjoy traveling to teach painting and today I got to travel to Vista to teach some youth at New Haven how to paint.  I wasn’t allowed to take pictures of faces, but I just took a few back pictures for posterity.  My painters were a great help in setting up and they did good Read more about Painting at New Haven[…]

Group Class – Sunflower

I enjoyed painting with some of my summer art students today and we created a Sun Flower.  We never have down time when we have class.  Even as we waited for a layer of paint to dry we made sure we were working on something and one of my students got to catch up his Read more about Group Class – Sunflower[…]

Bachelorette Paint Party

I started my adventure by traveling to this peculiar BnB in Lemon Grove to host a paint party for a bachelorette party.  I was able to meet some very nice ladies from Claremont (LA) and we painted some beautiful blue mountains while listening to some serene spacey music.  I thought they were a super fun Read more about Bachelorette Paint Party[…]

Paint Party Birthday

I was able to do a pleasant paint party for Sandra’s friends and family in Poway and they did amazing painting their sunflowers on these wooden surfaces.  The wooden surfaces were used in her wedding which added a nice sentimental touch to our artwork.

Drawing Student – Melissa

I travel to my student’s home in La Jolla to teach her how to draw.  I brought these shapes so she could practice to see light on different surfaces and to render them.  I also help her along by showing her many different techniques while using her charcoal tools and also correcting her when she Read more about Drawing Student – Melissa[…]