Drawing in the Studio

We are developing our proportions by learning simplified portraits in the anime style.

Team Building at the Studio

We had a lot of fun making a winter landscape with Trinity’s insurance crew. more images on this link 

Rainy Day Paintings

My Sandburg artists made fun rainy day paintings during the heavy rains yesterday.  The rain briefly took a break so we can take this picture.   more images on this link  

Saturday Studio Day

My students practiced their painting and specifically developed their shading when we painted our cute frogs.   more images on this link They all did great!

Rainy Day Paint Party

We had a good fun time painting during the heavy rain this weekend.  Everyone’s painting turned out so beautiful. for more images click this link   

Studio Class

I have been having a great time with my young artists at our regular studio times.  We have been taking a break with the public painting and finally got to paint on canvas recently.   click the link for more images

Ladies Paint Nite at the Studio

May did a great job painting with these lovely ladies at the studio.  Everyone had a fun and relaxing time ????✨ more images on this link

Painting at the Studio

We had a great time making winter paintings at an after work social at the studio ????✨   more images on this link  

Mural for Home Day Care

Happy to have brightened up Chris McKean’s local home day care entrance with a little rainbow mural before the rains. If you would like a mural to enhance your space or home please let me know.   more images on this link

Winter Painting at the Mira Mesa Art Studio

We had a great time painting a cozy cabin in our winter landscape at the Mira Mesa Art Studio.  Everyone did great and it’s a fun social environment that’s good for the family. Please click the link for more images. Instagram.com/sandiegopaintparty

Beatifying Hidden Park in MM

Proud of my students prettying up one of our local parks last week.  We try to keep our neighborhood nice and pretty with art and we get to create impact with our skills we have been developing in studio.   to see more images please click this link

Private Art Class with Nitya

My student Nitya and I had fun last night developing our painting skills.  She is developing her skills nicely.  She has been my longtime student in group classes, but the benefit of one on one instruction is that I can help show her how to fix errors and critique in real time which helps to Read more about Private Art Class with Nitya[…]