Painting in Mission Bay

I had a good time painting today in front of the beach with this very nice family ??✨ click the link for more images

Winter Painting

I am pleased at the beautiful winter works that my students are creating at the studio.  It’s been a hard year, but at least we have art to maintain some positivity.   click on the link for more images   even more images with this link

Art Classes in Mira Mesa

It has been extremely difficult to get organized as everything keeps shifting with our situation, but I am going to keep this as a tentative schedule for my art classes from now on. I will have art classes for all ages and skill levels from children to adults at my studio in central Mira Mesa. Read more about Art Classes in Mira Mesa[…]

Fall Paint Party

It was fun painting some fall trompe l’oeil paintings at the outdoors studio ?   click the link for more images