Landscape Painting

Painting landscape fosters feelings of peace and that’s partly why I do it.  It’s also a good study of colors and light relationships especially during plein-air.  In this video you will see my painting process from start to finish.  

Pokémon Art

We did a little bit of everything this class (sculpture, drawing, and painting).  I love seeing my students light up when we create artwork that is of their interest.  I believe art is a development of technical skills, dexterity, and focus.  However art should also be engaging.  If my art project fails to capture my Read more about Pokémon Art[…]

Painting in the Sunshine

I had a great time with these ladies in the San Diego sunshine ☀️ . We had good drinks and good company for a fun and relaxing birthday painting. ✨? ?…  and as usual all of my painters did awesome! – (btw everyone was vaccinated) more images when you click this link

Design Student

I taught my art student how to sketch quickly in perspective. This is super useful so she can show her clients her visual ideas as she is a professional interior designer.  She wanted to learn one point and two point perspective and so I showed her some good techniques she will be able to use Read more about Design Student[…]


It’s been a sculpture and drawing kind of week. I was showing my students a few very useful techniques in both mediums. I was also trying to get them to understand how our sketching translates to the beginning clay process such as how we make big simple shapes (which is like how we sketch) to Read more about Sculpture[…]

Faces of Mira Mesa

Leo Reyes   I am not really good at interviews and I still am not, but I think I am getting better every time I get to do another.  For example right at the first paragraph I grew up twice ? which might be accurate, but it’s also not…  Anyway thank you for reading my Read more about Faces of Mira Mesa[…]