Painting at the Park

We had a cooler day so we chose a cooler painting for yesterday’s event.  I enjoyed painting with my nice group at the park with the ambiance of children in the background playing.  This day was a nice and pleasant one and my painters did great!    

Unicorn Birthday

I was happy to paint with these awesome young artists from Mira Mesa for Sydney’s 9th Unicorn Birthday.  The day was really cloudy at Breen Park, but we were lucky and experienced no rain at all.  My young artists had so much energy and all of their paintings turned out so colorful and fun!

Public Painting at Viking Park

My students and I prettied up some boxes by the park near Ericson elementary.  Lots of people passing by thanked them for their efforts and I’m proud of my students.

Butterfly Garden Art at Sandburg

My young artists at Sandburg Elementary made some beautiful art for their butterfly garden and we even got some visitors. ?✨?    

Michelle’s Paint Party

Michelle’s group was fun and patient.  It was a super hot day at the park and all the tables were full.  Luckily we managed to pull out a canopy so our painters don’t get cooked.  Everyone was pretty good company throughout and their paintings turned out great!  

Sandburg Painting Class

These are a few of my Sandburg students’ paintings. I teach them varying painting techniques while curbing negative behaviors into positive ones. For example a few children kept saying that their own paintings were ugly and I noticed that they were at least nice to their neighbors. So I announced that I appreciated how kind Read more about Sandburg Painting Class[…]


We painted skulls!  The first one is mine and my students did very well too.  

My Studio

I put a few pictures here to show some of the happenings that go on in the studio.  ?

Sandburg Painting Class

I taught my Sandburg kids how to mix color since we will be painting a lot more often.   They were pretty crazy today so I will have to figure out some way to keep the classroom flowing more nicely.

Painting with Gaia at Miramar Lake

Today we painted at Miramar Lake for Gaia’s Birthday!  It was nice to see Gaia who was a student of mine before and I met some nice new folks as well.  We had a perfect day under the shade of a full tree; The weather was beautiful and we got a nice breeze as we Read more about Painting with Gaia at Miramar Lake[…]

Beer and Brushes at Longship Brewery – National Beer Lover’s Day

For our Beer and Brushes event that landed on National Beer Lover’s Day we painted…  Beer!  I had a good and positive group and all their paintings turned out great!  It was a hot day so it was nice we got to hang out inside the cool air-conditioned Longship Brewery with good beer and equally Read more about Beer and Brushes at Longship Brewery – National Beer Lover’s Day[…]

Summer’s End Painting

This is my end of the summer painting.  Behold, a watermelown!  ?  I love to engage my community especially through public art.