Painting at the Park – Last Sundays (families)

It was kind of windy and chilly which was surprising because it was quite hot just the day before.  I was glad and somewhat proud (because San Diegans are affected by slight weather change) that most of my painters turned up anyway and we got to create some beautiful art in the morning.  I had Read more about Painting at the Park – Last Sundays (families)[…]

Balboa Park – Pleinair

I had a great group of ladies that I got to teach pleinair painting yesterday at Balboa Park!  One even mentioned that she hasn’t picked up a brush in 40 years so I was glad to encourage her and give her a few techniques.  While we painted we also shared a lot of laughs and Read more about Balboa Park – Pleinair[…]

Friday Group Class

My Friday group class did great!  We painted a Monet-esque scene and learned a little about Impressionism.  Sometimes there are good individuals that help enhance the group and I felt that that’s what happened with each of my students today.  ?✨✍️

Hickman Halloween

I had the pleasure to doodle at Hickman’s Halloween bash today and it was super fun!  I enjoyed depicting them in their cool costumes   ?✍️

Sandburg Elementary Electrical Box Painting

My painting students at Sandburg elementary painted an electrical box in front of their school as their final project with me.✨?✨  

Chalk The Walk

I was sponsored by 3Roots to create chalk art for Chalk the Walk which raises money for art programs in Mira Mesa. It was super cool to see some of my students there and they participated and admired the art that was being made. That’s how art appreciation happens ? There were also some top Read more about Chalk The Walk[…]

Friday Group Class

My group class on Friday has a lot of fun students in it that I enjoy teaching and I am glad that they got more fun friends to join them! ??

Winery Paint Party

After my classes I drove north to meet some lovely ladies at a cozy winery to teach them some painting!  They were very fun to paint with and our paintings turned out nicely in the end ?

Michael – Drawing

Michael is my long time student and he loves to explore different kinds of mediums.  I try to keep his attention by focusing on subject matter he likes and it usually works.  Today we were playing with markers and he then became very interested in the pencil sharpener.  A lot of work we do is Read more about Michael – Drawing[…]

Ivory’s Halloween Painting Event

We did an enjoyable Halloween painting for Ivory’s team building group and as always my group did great.  Ivory’s group were very positive folks and I had a good time painting with them. ??????????

Phoebe’s Birthday Painting

I’m lucky, I get the nicest students.

Bob Ross Bachelorette Party

These were some fun loving ladies who made some beautiful paintings with me.  They were super nice and had some funny jokes.  I enjoyed my time with them and was pleasantly surprised at their Bob look.  I hope they have me again ??