Chief Bearcat

Chief Bearcat rules the jungles to the southeast of the World Spine.  He and his Catari warriors fly a banner of the dire cave lion.  The Catari are said to have Kapre blood as they are large people even in Painted Clan standards.  Chief Bearcat wears the pelt of a dire cave lion and  is[…]

Bone Bagani

There are unknown numbers of Wakwak clans as the number of nomads are as vast as there are leaves in the jungle and in part because Wakwak clans are formed so quickly by boastful young chiefs advocating for their many gods, glory, and war; they are decimated just as fast as leaves fall.  Most of[…]

Snippet Three Towns

Early on when the Three Towns was yet to be founded, there were three siblings, Nusha, Warid, and Alnu.  Alnu was regarded as a brilliant and crafty leader.  Warid was well known as a greedy and powerful chief with the largest number of bagani.  Nusha was fair, honorable, and a fierce warrior chieftess who is[…]