MLK Electrical Box

I posted on our on our local neighborhood page and I received so much support from fellow neighbors!

I just wanted to especially thank our neighbor Danielle Austin for sponsoring me to repaint an old box I did on Greenford/MM Blvd that was defaced. It’s good to meet others engaged in the community and of course thank you to everyone else for donating paint that they aren’t using too! Have a good weekend neighbors!


Thank you Elle Rres for donating art funds to me and bringing attention to refix the painting!  ?


  ^I had to rework from this


I kept it painterly and used lots of color.



I was inspired by some of MLK’s writing in college.  I was also in Georgia recently and I was able to visit MLK’s home so I was happy to revive a real American hero’s portrait for our town with the support of my neighbors.

MLK’s iconic visage is something especially welcome in these polarizing times and is a good reminder of where we all stand today as Americans.

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