Mira Mesa Craft Fair

I took part in the 1st Annual Mira Mesa Craft Fair.  It was a lot of fun and Amy and the people of Nest were so awesome and helpful hosts.

I had a good view of the student performances.

I met some cool people like my crafty neighbor Linda who is a local of San Diego and has been here since 1955.  She makes nice baskets, jewelry and paints on stones.

Here are more nice folks and I am very thankful of eveyone’s support.  I feel lucky that I sold a good amount of my children’s books and prints of my mythology that I have been developing.

This curious boy kept coming to read my children’s books little by little until I told him that it was ok to read the display.  He was shy at first and then ended up reading all three of them.  He told me they were good and ran away and came back later to purchase the Duende Brothers book. 😊

Principal Tobie Pace bought one of my books for her son and was so nice to give a great announcement during the fair about my involvement in the community and about my art.  It felt so amazing and surreal to have people I have never met talk to me about my art that I have done in the past.  I had been reclusive for a bit, but I am remembering that I really loved being around good people.

I got a good amount of people interested in my classes as well and I am excited to gain more students!  I wish I took pictures of everyone I had good conversations with and who bought my art, but I only thought of it later.  My family came later too to support and I got to dance with my pretty lady while the school band played music.  This was definitely a great day. 🌞


Thank you again to everyone who bought my children’s books or my mythology art prints!


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