Ink Sketch

A sketch I just made.

Family Paint Party

I had an awesome time painting with this family.  (Click the Facebook icon or here for more pictures)   I had an awesome time painting at this family event 💛 Posted by Leoangeloart on Friday, February 7, 2020

Geisha Sketch

I just finished sketching (and digital art-ing) with my student this morning and we created some fun stuff.

Beer and Brushes

We had a full house of super cool painters at Longship Brewery!  Check out this link for more pictures.  

Art At The Park

We had a great time at Art at the Park today!  For more pictures please click this link


Yay they like my honey on Reddit 🐝  

Beer and Brushes at Longship Brewery

I had a great time with my group of painters this morning for Beers and Brushes at Longship Brewery 🎨🍺😀 Pictures <

Miramar Lake Family Painting Event

I had a very nice family who drove from Delmar to paint with me. 🙂  Some of them were from Wisconsin who was visiting family and they wanted to create some memories together.  

Merry Christmas Doodle

  I doodled this today for funsies and the line drawing is below Incase anyone wanted to color their own.  

Happy Thanksgiving Doodle

I doodled this while having some nice food in my belly.


Happy Thanksgiving!  It’s been nice to catch up on more work…  Here are a few painting studies that I made using oil paint.

Pomegranate Practice

We made a very rewarding oil painting practice using pallet knife from still life.