Beer and Brushes at Longship Brewery

I had a great time with my group of painters this morning for Beers and Brushes at Longship Brewery 🎨🍺😀 Pictures <

Merry Christmas Doodle

  I doodled this today for funsies and the line drawing is below Incase anyone wanted to color their own.  

Happy Thanksgiving Doodle

I doodled this while having some nice food in my belly.


Happy Thanksgiving!  It’s been nice to catch up on more work…  Here are a few painting studies that I made using oil paint.

Pomegranate Practice

We made a very rewarding oil painting practice using pallet knife from still life.

Colorful Self Portraits

We made some colorful self portraits at Sandburg Elementary.   More Pictures  

Turtle Sculptures

My students were excited to pick up their neat turtle sculptures.

Longship Brewery – Beer and Brushes

For Beer Week at Longship Brewery we had a relaxing time while we drank beer while we painted beer.  It was very nice to see some familiar faces too.  Hope to see more on the next Beer and Brushes event!

Birthday Painting

I had the pleasure to do a painting party for Lais and Diego’s birthday at the park where they made some lovely pieces of art with their friends.

Clay at Hickman

We got to use clay today at Hickman and I made it an opportunity to teach my students about ancient peoples.  I taught them how to make vessels using the slip-score technique and we also used clay to make our own currency. It was a very fun day.

Painting at the Park – Last Sundays (families)

It was kind of windy and chilly which was surprising because it was quite hot just the day before.  I was glad and somewhat proud (because San Diegans are affected by slight weather change) that most of my painters turned up anyway and we got to create some beautiful art in the morning.  I had Read more about Painting at the Park – Last Sundays (families)[…]

Balboa Park – Pleinair

I had a great group of ladies that I got to teach pleinair painting yesterday at Balboa Park!  One even mentioned that she hasn’t picked up a brush in 40 years so I was glad to encourage her and give her a few techniques.  While we painted we also shared a lot of laughs and Read more about Balboa Park – Pleinair[…]