Social Distance Reunion Painting

It’s tough these days, but we can still make some good memories safely (not that anyone wants to remember Covid; however, we may want to remember time with each other). Grandma wanted to make her little ones’ visit in San Diego memorable and I was happy to be with folks with good energy for their Read more about Social Distance Reunion Painting[…]

Michelle’s Paint Party

Michelle’s group was fun and patient.  It was a super hot day at the park and all the tables were full.  Luckily we managed to pull out a canopy so our painters don’t get cooked.  Everyone was pretty good company throughout and their paintings turned out great!  

Paint Night – Summer

  I painted with Liz and company and they were a very lovely group.  They had a ladies painting night while the children had a play date and entertained themselves.  We painted a sunset since summer is coming to an end or is it a sunrise?  It’s hard to tell since it’s a picture, but Read more about Paint Night – Summer[…]