Pokémon Art

We did a little bit of everything this class (sculpture, drawing, and painting).  I love seeing my students light up when we create artwork that is of their interest.  I believe art is a development of technical skills, dexterity, and focus.  However art should also be engaging.  If my art project fails to capture my art student’s imagination then it becomes just work and the information doesn’t register as well.  I don’t like saying always, but I always try to find a good balance of skill building and fun projects to keep us practicing and developing at a steady pace because sometimes we want to be the very best that no one ever was (that’s the Pokémon theme song).

All jokes aside I think art is an ongoing process like reading and writing.  Through art we can keep our curiosity pass childhood into adulthood;  We can have an “eye” to discern value that will be useful in life;  We get to be proud of our skills that we worked hard on.

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