Art Classes for Summer

Hello my name is Mr. Leo and I am a professional artist and art teacher who currently teaches art in a few schools in the area. If you are looking for art classes this summer for your young artist please try my studio out. I am located in central Mira Mesa and we learn how Read more about Art Classes for Summer[…]

Pokémon Paint Party

We had a fun Pokémon paint party at home in Carlsbad with all of our young artists.  We painted a snorlax and had a blast 🙂   Both parents and children were impressed with the art work.   link to more  

Drew Barrymore Shoutout

Drew Barrymore covered the public art in Mira Mesa and our efforts to beautify the town.

Washington Post

The Washington Post did a story about my public art project in Mira Mesa.  The link is below.   link


I was featured recently on 10new abc on this article.

Death Eaters

I love Halloween ?‍♀️?. This is a painting I made 7 years ago of when we dressed as Death Eaters and it was also around the time Alan Rickman (Snape) passed away. #rip Funny thing about this painting when I posted it years ago was that I left a caption that read ‘ r.i.p you Read more about Death Eaters[…]


Masks on, masks off, since the whole pandemic we have been in a roller coaster of highs and lows.  Art I think provides comfort and stability in the act of creating in unstable times.  Anyway I found that my students got really invested every time we made masks.  First we learn about how ancient people Read more about Masks[…]

Paint and Sip: Flowers

My group did pretty good yesterday! This was a fun bridesmaid announcement painting social. ?✨?   more images on this link

Proud of my elementary school art students

I am proud of my students from Torrey Pines Elementary.  I taught them some good amount of art and I loved my time with them.  We then used our art know how and beautified their school which they then get to see how their art impacts their environment!  We even got on the local paper! Read more about Proud of my elementary school art students[…]

Snow Person Paint Party

It’s been great doing painting workshops all through San Diego. This one was for this little girl’s birthday and it was her and her family’s first painting party. If you want to see more images you can go to If you want to host your own fun, relaxing and memorable painting event please reach Read more about Snow Person Paint Party[…]

Fun Afternoon at the Studio

What a fun afternoon at the studio with my awesome painters ?✨ I got to see my former student Angie and she brought her nice friends to have a fun and chill painting event at my outdoors art studio. ? click the link for more images.

Team Building Paint and Sip with Hologic

My group at Tappizza for a team building with Hologic was so much fun! ???? click the link for more images.