Death Eaters

I love Halloween ?‍♀️?. This is a painting I made 7 years ago of when we dressed as Death Eaters and it was also around the time Alan Rickman (Snape) passed away. #rip

Funny thing about this painting when I posted it years ago was that I left a caption that read ‘ r.i.p you magnificent traitor’ in reference to Rickman’s passing as if I was a death eater talking about Snape and well I get a passive aggressive call about it the next morning. This person asked what the post was about and you can feel the hostility and I explained it to him and we hung up. I then realized he thought I was vaguely speaking about him which is hilarious and embarrassing (not for me, but for him) and I was actually thankful because that was my go ahead to drop this person as I had a lot of life to live in front of me.

Art has a way to blend into life and life is too short to be with people that don’t like you.

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