Snow Buddies

This one was a fun painting. I’m sick of winter, but there are two great things to do in winter which are painting or reading (ok maybe 3 cause there’s soup). This is my rendition of Drizzt (the last two books I read) for my Illustration portfolio. Painting is so fun..

Library Showcase

I have been creating some fantasy pieces and haven’t gotten to show anyone for a year and a half since I moved from San Diego.  That’s why I am excited to show my artworks at the library!  I haven’t felt this excited in sometime.  I also have some children’s books using my fictional world and[…]


I made a doodle for this lady’s birthday and she was so appreciative of the doodle that she shared it everywhere.  Feels good sometimes to do the kind of art that resonates with people.  I may try and open myself for commissions after my outstanding projects are out of the way.